3 Of The Top Online 3D Tools To Design Your Floor Plans

When homeowners build a home, they typically hire a professional company to design the home first, build it as well as decorate it. This idea makes sense in regards to the investment that is usually required for building homes. However, for those who are planning to only build on an extra room or perhaps remodel one that already exists, there is a way to achieve this using one of the 3D online tools.

If you are familiar with AutoCAD, then the process of designing a floor plan or room is comfortable enough. But for many people, this is usually not the case. For those who are not familiar with tools such as AutoCAD, not all is lost. Today there are online tools that enable you to design your floor plans or rooms. Below is a 3 of the top websites that can assist you in achieving these goals.

Home Styler

Out of the three websites featured in this article, Home Styler is recognised as one of the more accessible and intuitive. Their floor planning tools can be used instantly without the need to register. When you begin using the tool, you will have full access to the main grid where you can drop and drag elements from the left-hand side panel. On the actual grid, you will be able to tweak the lengths, sizes as well as customise any of the other details such as floor colours, brightness, lighting, wall thickness and more.

3d floor plansOne of the benefits of Home Styler has to be the great choices in elements that allow a way for you to customise your floor plan , positioning your double bunk beds on the room as well as gain better ideas on how the end results will appear once finished. Also, this site offers a variety of tools to gain more control of the work you do which includes the 3D viewer and the snapshot tool.


While not as involved and thorough as Home Styler, RoomSketcher is still accomplished as an online based floor-planning tool. One of the benefits of this particular site is that it has a more streamlined interface and luxuriously elegant design when it comes to the layout of a floor plan. Also, this site also more choices when it comes to “accessories” that makes it the ideal choice for those interested in focusing on those areas. The 3D viewer on this site is incredibly powerful and allows you to view a lot more details from just about any angle.

Planning Wiz

Out of the three websites, Planning Wiz offers the more fully-featured out of this bunch. But, it is also the site with the steepest of the learning curves. A variety of options are available on the Planning Wiz interface, and customization levels on each goes beyond what many of the other floors planning online sites offer.

The only downside of Planning Wiz is that you are asked to sign-up if you would like to make use of 3d floor plans. However, the sign-up is well worth the effort as it offers a host of free features that are all very varied.